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JUNE | 2017


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Giving Modi Their Input IIT Grads Invited to a Meet Up with Prime Minister Modi in D.C.

Witty Bindra

President and board member of PanIIT USA, Witty Bindra shared his opinion on how to best use the expertise of IIT alumni to benefit India. In his recent interview with India Abroad at the 2017 IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference he said, “There is a particular need to fine-tune higher education.” “First thing is online learning,” he adds. READ MORE


Ratan Tata – Backed AI Startup Raises $2MM in Series A Round
Founded by Four IIT Kharagpur Alumni, the Software Provides Users a Conversational Interface

Ratan Tata

Bangalore-based, which runs an artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant, has raised $2 million (about Rs 13 crore) in a Series A round of funding from San Francisco-based fund SAP.iO and existing investor Unilazer Ventures. READ MORE



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IIT Delhi Alumnus Shares How AppDynamics Became One of the Largest Private Software Company Acquisitions in History

Jyoti Bansal

After seven years at various start-ups, Jyoti Bansal received his green card and began his own company. In March, the Indian Institute of Technology alumnus sold AppDynamics to Cisco for $3.7 billion. Bansal recently joined PanIIT USA Advisory Board and shared advice with entrepreneurs and new startup founders.

He said, “My first advice to someone anxious to start a new business is to make sure they are passionate about the business they are about to launch, because it is never easy to build a great business and without that passion it is hard to go through the tough times. The grit and the determination to succeed, hard work, and also a bit of luck, are often more important than the skills and expertise you have, many of those skills you have to learn as you go.”  READ MORE


PanIIT USA continues to be the trusted resource for companies and job seekers for recruitment via "Job Board," an online platform that allows the employers to communicate with potential candidates effectively. Here are some of the most current job listings:

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PanIIT USA Board Member and IIT Kharagpur Alumnus Addressed the IITians at the IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference as a Keynote Speaker.


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