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NOV. 2017


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Indian Tech Billionaire Nandan Nilekani And Wife Rohini Join The Giving Pledge

Bangalore power couple Nandan Nilekani, cofounder of tech giant Infosys and wife Rohini committed to give away half their wealth, pegged at $1.7 billion.


WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF) Raises $2.4 Million

Founded by IIT alumni, WGF is a non-profit organization is a pioneer in applying technology to provide solutions to issues related with water, health, energy, education, livelihood, and sustainability.


FreshMenu Appoints IIT Madras Alumnus and Current Executive at Snapdeal, Pradeep Desai as Biz and Tech Head

An IIT Madras and University of Texas alumnus, Desai was previously senior vice president of technology and product at e-commerce firm Snapdeal, overseeing logistics, supply chain, consumer experience, and other core verticals. .




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CEO of the Largest IPO of 2016 and IIT Kanpur Alumnus on His Philosophy

Dheeraj Pandey

Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, we sat down with Mr. Dheeraj Pandey, CEO of Nutanix. In 2016, the cloud-computing company shares closed at $37, up 131.25 percent. Prior to being the Co-Founder and CEO of Nutanix, Mr. Pandey was the Vice President of Engineering for Aster Data Systems, a Software Development Senior Manager with Oracle, and a Senior Software Engineer with Zambeel. Mr. Pandey’s vision of an authentic and honest company has been realized through the success of Nutanix. Read more to learn about how Mr. Pandey delivers on his promises to Main Street and Wall Street.

PANIIT USA: Please let our readers know more about your journey from IIT Kanpur to Nutanix. How did your education prepare you for your role as CEO?

Ms. Pandey: I really believe there is this idea of an authentic leader and authentic company and I think IIT Kanpur provided a platform to think Dheeraj Pandeyabout what it means to be authentic. We came from a middle-class background and it was not very easy for my parents to afford my education, so I felt a sense of vulnerability which was a good thing in terms of my character building. When we got to school it was like starting from scratch, even if you had been the king of the hill before because all of us at IIT were first among equals, but we really became lifelong friends and we continue to help each other along the way. One thing I really liked about the CS department was that you could take graduate courses in undergrad and you could take a lot of math. The curriculum was very flexible and broad, so I was able to take psychology classes and linguistics courses. And I think the opportunity to take humanities courses was very important because the courses taught me to look at the world in a broader context than just being a nerd.

PANIIT USA: To what extent do you think brand IIT has helped its alumni base get a head start in the entrepreneurial world? Quite often one comes across an IITian getting hired by one, getting funded by a fellow, or starting a company as partners. You must have experienced it in your career.

Ms. Pandey: It definitely gets you a foot in the door, and gives you a foundation to build some quick early trust, but there is a lot more to earning long-term trust than just an applicant’s background. But, all in all, it has been a very powerful springboard. You have an authentic background and you are also probably good at the basics of engineering or computer science.




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